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Helix Stack Jump

Kooapps - Associate Game Designer

Helix Stack Jump

  • Hypercasual Mobile Game

  • Use the ball to break through the stacked rings to complete the level

  • Satisfying and relaxing gameplay during downtown

Helix Stack Jump is owned and developed by Kooapps. The recorded gameplay found here is to demonstrate my work and features that were implemented in this game.

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My Objectives:

  • Research skin collection interest

  • Improve Live Ops Participation

  • Improve Daily Challenge Participation


  • Investigated competitors' features

  • Performed frequent user testing

  • Used contemporary data analysis tools to analyze player engagement

  • Performed build tests for large-scale player engagement data and changes to Key-Performance Indicators (KPI)

Designing the Game:

  • Wrote 22 design documents describing:

    • Skin Customization Systems

    • Gameplay Live Ops Mechanics

    • Quality of Life UX

    • Character and Story Narrative

    • Back-End Requirements

Collecting Customizable Skins

  • Overhauled skin shop UI

  • Unique end-level skin shop

  • Changing the default ball to a character

  • Earning skins from completing normal games

  • Friendly character dialogue encouragement at the end of a level

Daily Challenge and Live Ops Participation

  • Utilized contemporary data analysis tools to find player participation in LiveOps

  • Used contemporary UX tools to wireframe new menus that improved LiveOps participation

  • Tested unique live event gameplay to find which mechanics resonated with my audience the most and improve my KPI

In Conclusion:

  • Provided valuable data for customizable skin collection

  • Increased Daily Challenge and Live Ops participation

  • Created 5 successful monthly live events

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Former Main Menu
Daily Challenge Gameplay
Designed Main Menu
Fruity Fall Live Event Gameplay

Helix Stack Jump Performance

Recorded on Google Play Store Version, Feb. 2022 - Aug. 2022

Since I started designing this project:

  • Live Event Games Complete Occurences Per User (OPU) increased by almost 3-fold

  • Live Event RV Ads OPU increased by over 15-fold

  • Daily Challenge Games Complete OPU increased by almost 4-fold

  • Daily Challenge RV Ads OPU increased by over 14-fold

  • Advertisement Revenue Per Daily Active User Increased

NOTE: When Live Events are active, they replace the Daily Challenge. The Daily Challenge is only shown in game when there is no active Live Event.

Freight Hopper

Husky Game Studio - Lead Game Designer

Freight Hopper

  • Physics-based, fast-paced, first-person platformer game.

  • A short 10-level game to relax or compete for better times.

Release July 29th, 2022, on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux, for free! Developed by Husky Game Studio. Husky Game Studio is made up of volunteers who all decided to release this game for free. All information and data presented here was authorized by my peers to be demonstrated on my portfolio.

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  • Researched various parkour games like Clustertruck and Mirror's Edge for inspiration and successful parkour design practices

  • Determined these games were the most fun when the mechanics and levels support the player to constantly move, make decisions, and choose their own path to reach the goal

Designing the Gameplay:

  • Drafted Freight Hopper's Game Design Document along with my engineering and artistic peers

  • Specified the target gameplay: Empower the player with movement tools to let them control their gameplay pace

  • Detailed what these tools were and other game aspects like level design, art, and user interface

  • Defined Physics-based movement that led to satisfying and expressive gameplay

    • Such as ground-pounding which defines the high-speed parkour action

    • In the gameplay trailer, the player utilizes ground pounds to boost off the front of trains to increase speed

  • Built levels that presented the player with unique challenges and high replayability

  • Directed art and UI to minimize distraction from gameplay

    • Environments are low-poly and heavily rely on color to convey themselves to the player

    • UI is utilitarian to only display the most valuable information

Designing the Levels:

  • My goal per level was to provide unique scenarios and allow for highly expressive gameplay.

    • Levels that allow the player to plan their own path, experiment, and spontaneously parkour; cut the boring waiting.

  • Used to create level concepts, and built them in Unity.

    • Focussed on easing the player into game mechanics so the player is guaranteed to learn how to use crucial gameplay mechanics

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Freight Hopper Gameplay Trailer
Level Concepts, made with They depict a 2D concept of a level's layout, with descriptions and new art models needed for that level.
Level Complete Screen

Freight Hopper Performance on Steam

Recorded July 29th - September 3rd, 2022
  • 9,000 Purchased Copies

  • 2,737 Unique Players

  • 139 Average Daily Active Users (last seven days)

  • 218 Wishlists

  • 2,724 Total First-Time Downloads

  • 40-Minute Average Playtime

  • 431,707 Impressions

  • 53,202 Visits

  • 12.32% Impressions->Visits, Click-through Rate

  • 34 Reviews, 97% Positive

Overall, I am ecstatic that people enjoy Freight Hopper. It was a fantastic pleasure to work with great classmates and produce something that others found valuable. If Freight Hopper sees more growth as the metrics are depicting, I will continue to work on additional gameplay for the game.

Freight Hopper has a page with a world record run listed at 2 minutes, 32 seconds, 967 milliseconds. Check out the speed run here!

Gun Matrix and Rapid Development

Kooapps - Associate Game Designer

Gun Matrix

  • Hypercasual Mobile Game

  • The player auto-runs through levels and precisely shoots enemies at the correct time

Gun Matrix is owned and developed by Kooapps. The recorded gameplay found here is to demonstrate my work and features that were implemented in this game.

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  • My goal in this role is to quickly measure player engagement with prototype games to either commit additional resources or replace the project with another one

  • One of eight games I rapidly developed. It was the most successful game, achieving high enough day 1 retention to fully commit a team to its development

  • Performed competitive research, playtesting, and data analysis for iterating 6 ongoing projects

  • Led the design process for 2 new rapidly prototyped games from scratch, with multiple international outsourcing teams

  • Wrote over a dozen documents to implement new mechanics, systems, and games

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Gun Matrix Gameplay

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