Finite State Machine API

The purpose of the Finite State Machine (FSM) API is to regulate events and user inputs to trigger the appropriate gameobject behaviors. For gameobjects with multiple behaviors with complex logic to transition between behaviors, this API cleanly organizes the behaviors into states and reduces logic complexity when switching between states.

This FSM API was created for my Applied Computing Capstone at the University of Washington Bothell, and used in developing the Freight Hopper by Husky Game Studio. It is featured on the Cross Reality Collaboration Sandbox Research Group, directed by Dr. Kelvin Sung. In addition, the code from this project will be used in future game development courses by other students, found in my GitHub.

Applied Computing Capstone Poster

Presented to my classmates and UW Bothell peers, this poster shows my capstone experience. From being onboarded onto Husky Game Studio, conceptualizing the FSM, graphically representing the FSM API, to the cycle of its development. For a better view of the image's graphics, click here.