Neon Heights

Whiteboxed Gameplay of My Level

My Level after Art Assets Added

A game about parkouring and the thrill of the chase. Bob-and-weave on the city tops of a futuristic city skyline to escape to safety.

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Initial Level Design Document

Iterated Level Design

This is a parkour game focused on giving the player a sense of being chased. This section (my level) is the final part of the game, which is the climax of engagement and thrill. I believe that thrill is created through a balance of challenge and flow. As such, the design is meant to be streamlined, easily digestible, and completable upon first playthrough, so as to not break a player’s sense of flow (and therefore to not break their sense of thrill).

The largest changes to this design over the original is that it is longer, and curves over time. This allowed for a greater sense of progression and foreshadowing as the player can see what is coming up. Reinforcing their sense of direction is the Weenie in the background which is always naturally visible in the players field of view throughout gameplay.

Most of the core ideas remain the same from the original design, like the helicopter chasing the player but remaining in the sightline of the player at all times. And a drop near the end of the section to surprise the player when they think they are reaching the end of the level.

Design patterns include:

Successes in the design:

Elements to improve:

Narrative Beats and Target Player Emotions:

Final Stretch of the Game [Owned by Me]