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Crash Team Rumble

Toys For Bob, Activision - Game Design Intern

My Learnings:

Crash Team Rumble, Party Mode Gameplay (YouTube: Ben-Gun)

Crash Team Rumble

Crash Team Rumble is developed by Toys For Bob, and owned by Activision. The details found here are to demonstrate my work and the features that were implemented in this game.

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2. Data Querying, Visualization, and System Balance

3. Whitebox Level Design [Learn More]

4. Issues Identification, Analyses, and Resolutions

5. Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints (BP)

Helix Stack Jump

Kooapps - Associate Game Designer

Helix Stack Jump

Helix Stack Jump is owned and developed by Kooapps. The recorded gameplay found here is to demonstrate my work and features that were implemented in this game.

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My Objectives:


Designing the Game:

Collecting Customizable Skins

Daily Challenge and Live Ops Participation

In Conclusion:

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Former Main Menu
Daily Challenge Gameplay
Designed Main Menu
Fruity Fall Live Event Gameplay

Helix Stack Jump KPI Performance

Recorded on Google Play Store Version, Feb. 2022 - Aug. 2022

Since I started designing this project:

NOTE: When Live Events are active, they replace the Daily Challenge. The Daily Challenge is only shown in game when there is no active Live Event.

Freight Hopper

Husky Game Studio - Lead Game Designer

Freight Hopper 

Release July 29th, 2022, on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux, for free! Developed by Husky Game Studio. Husky Game Studio is made up of volunteers who all decided to release this game for free. All information and data presented here was authorized by my peers to be demonstrated on my portfolio.

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Designing the Gameplay:

Designing the Levels:

Learn More About My Work on Freight Hopper

Freight Hopper Gameplay Trailer
Level Concepts, made with They depict a 2D concept of a level's layout, with descriptions and new art models needed for that level.
Level Complete Screen

Freight Hopper KPI Performance on Steam

Recorded July 29th - September 3rd, 2022

Overall, I am ecstatic that people enjoy Freight Hopper. It was a fantastic pleasure to work with great classmates and produce something that others found valuable. If Freight Hopper sees more growth as the metrics are depicting, I will continue to work on additional gameplay for the game.

Freight Hopper has a page with a world record run listed at 2 minutes, 32 seconds, 967 milliseconds. Check out the speed run here!

In May 2023, Husky Game Studio updated Freight Hopper to 2.0.0! Adding: tighter controls, bonus content in levels, and Steam networking integration for cooperative multiplayer and leaderboards.

Additional Design Projects

Gameplay & System Designer

Gameplay & Level Designer