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Freight Hopper

Husky Game Studio - Software Engineer

Freight Hopper 

Release July 29th, 2022, on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux, for free! Developed by Husky Game Studio. Husky Game Studio is made up of volunteers who all decided to release this game for free. All information and data presented here were authorized by my peers to be demonstrated on my portfolio.

Download on Steam

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Learn about my custom Trains and Lasergrid building tools below.

B.A. Applied Computing Capstone Poster

Presented to my classmates and UW Bothell peers, this poster shows my capstone experience. From being onboarded onto Husky Game Studio, conceptualizing the FSM, graphically representing the FSM API, to the cycle of its development. For a better view of the image's graphics, click here.

FSM API Organization:

I wrote a tutorial for anyone to use my API and create their own FSMs. Check it out here!

Freight Hopper Gameplay Trailer
Player FSM Demonstration
Turret FSM Demonstration
Player FSM Demonstration
Custom Train Builder Tool
Custom Lasergrid Builder Tool

Train Builder. Check out the Train Builder GitHub.

Lasergrid Builder. Check out the Lasergrid Builder GitHub.

Click Here to Learn More About My Work on Freight Hopper

Raycasting Hierarchical Bounding Volume API

University of Washington Bothell - Game Engine Development

Play the Two Games that Use the HBV API Here

(Must Run on Chromium Browser)

Shooter Level: Red ray cast sent from player-character towards the right that intercepts the HBV head node but none of the blue boxes. The grey boxes are HBV nodes. The darker the grey boxes are, the more layered they are.
Turret Level: Red ray cast sent from turret game object towards the player, intercepting various HBV nodes and one of the blue boxes. When a blue box is intercepted, it turns red.

Rapid Game Prototyping

University of Washington Bothell - Independent Study

Prototypes' Code

Prototype 1 - One Juicy Mechanic

Prototype 2 - Fighting Game Controller Interpreter

Interpreter Organization:

Input Moves Interpretation Demo
Joystick Directions to Values

Prototype 3 - Simple Dialogue System

Other Engineering-Related Projects