To Nothing

A game about loss and sadness. Explore the thoughts of an elderly man as he readies to depart to his next stage of life.

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Objective: Limited to a small scope of 1 week of development, create a game that evokes sadness from the player

Post Mortem:

One obstacle we faced was finding a scope as small as possible while being able to effectively deliver an experience to evoke sadness. Our approach was to involve the player within the same space but have the player experience degradation of their perception and for the player to emotionally think when engaging with our letter system. This allowed us to use few assets and to just reuse and manipulate them to our goals.

Project Successes:

If we had more time to iterate on this project, we would spend more time iterating the dialogue/writing to be more subtle and leave room for the player to interpret the conveyed ideas. In addition, I would have liked to edit the last day so that when the player tries to interact with the food, water, and medicine, the player character will fail with dialogue appearing, stating phrases such as “I no longer have the strength to lift up my glass,” “Is there even a point to taking this medicine anymore?”, and so on. Additionally, I would have liked to edit the written and writable letters to purposefully make it more difficult to read as the days progressed to “simulate” the player character’s waning mental state.