Grim is a horror, possession-focused, third-person puzzle game.

You have died, and your sister, Jia, is in trouble. As a ghost, look after Jia and help her solve puzzles and escape the darkness that lurks in your home.

Developed by Grim Studio. To be released onto Steam in late March 2024, for Windows 10 and 11 for free!

GRIM is still under development. The content shared here is subject to change and not fully representitive of the final build.

Wishlist on Steam

GRIM is based on the Taiwanese folklore "Tiger Aunt".

You can click here to read the short story.

GRIM Trailer

GRIM is my capstone project for my M.S. Games and Playable Media program and the University of California Santa Cruz. I worked in a team of 11 students, with my primary role as Level Designer.

Vertical Slice Level Design Process

What I Learned:


Level Design Reference Board
Elemental Reaction System
Concepting Encounter/Puzzle Design
Concepting Emotions and Encountering Spaces



Artists and Narrative


Technical Work:

Level and Encounter Design

Tutorial Scripting

Element System Scripting

Tutorial Blueprint Script
Possessable Elemental System Script

In Conclusion:

I am very satisfied with my design and technical growth in working on this project. Combining all facets of design from systems, level, puzzle, encounter, narrative, environment design, and scripting all into one project.

However, what I learned the most from this project was the value of working with pationate and good people. Teammates who want to see the project succeed, proactively reach out and want to collaborate on a problem, and get to know each other. Working in a happy environment, even when the project is difficult, makes the journey and the experiences unforgettable. I am truly grateful to have worked with these excellent people.

Additional Screenshots

Act 1 introduction sequence to establish the story and mechanics in a controlled environment.

A puzzle in Act 3 in which the player must utilize the elemental reaction system to clear a path to access 1 of 3 key items to reach an ending.

Potential Game Level Designs Being Considered
Game Level with Art [Work In Progress]
Game Level Whitebox [Work In Progress]

In writing my design document for the dynamic camera system, I drew intended behaviors alongside detailed descriptions so our engineers could ask me questions for clarification and implement the desired features accurately.