In-Development Roblox Game Assets

Temple of Zeus:

I created the Temple of Zeus in one of the game levels using Roblox Studio. I developed the models using Blender and exported them to the project, then I used Roblox studio to texture them and constructed the building.

Level Portals:
I created the assets for the portals using Blender and exported them to the Roblox Studio project.

These portals include:

  • Portal to Atlantis level

  • Portal to Underworld level

  • Portal to Olympus Mountain level

  • Portal back to the Central Hub

Blacksmithing tools

These assets were created for a game being developed by a small team of five developers. I designed these models by myself using the software Blender. The Roblox engine requires asset developers to keep their assets with low numbers of polygons to reduce the strain on the engine. As such, I have focused to make these assets pleasing to look at while keeping the polygon count low.

Medieval Weapons

Here is how they look in-game!

Environment Trees

And Various Other Assets!

I would receive criticism from my partners and make subsequent drafts to fit the game’s animations, atmosphere, and game engine limitations. An example of this was making multiple editions of the blacksmith pliers. I developed multiple variations of this asset, based on feedback from our team’s animator. He needed to animate a blacksmith holding an item with these pliers, so I modified the plier’s asset to fit the character’s hand. As such, I kept the open shape of the plier’s claws while closing its grip to fit the hand.

These models are used for many aspects of the game including the game’s environment, animation, and user interface. Many of them contribute to the game’s architecture, tools, weapons, nature, and user interface elements. A significant amount of my work went into making tree variations, by the request of one of our environment developers.