Untitled Jam Game

Untitled Jam Game is a game I helped create in a team of three during the UW Game Developer Club Autumn 2019 Game Jam. This was the first complete game I helped develop using the Unity engine. The Game Jam had a retro theme. In the game, the player controls a child in an arcade who can punch and pick up weapons and power-ups to fight video game cartridges. With a total of four waves, the enemies become harder as the waves progress, but the enemies drop more powerful power-ups.

I served multiple roles in the group. One of which was to help program different facets of the game. Such facets include the behaviors of the game sprites above. I implemented the Nintendo Power-Glove-inspired glove to be the player character's melee weapon, the coin sprite to heal the player character, and the skateboard to temporarily increase the player character's movement speed.

Another element I helped create was the location of the game. Since the Game Jam has a retro theme, instead of just having a retro art style, I suggested that the game takes place in an arcade, this will tie the game back to the Game Jam theme but also give some fantasy context to the enemies the player character is fighting.

In addition, I helped implement A* artificial intelligence for the enemies. One of my group members created the AI for enemies to attack the player, react to getting hit and chasing the player, the enemies would occasionally get stuck on terrain. A* is a popular enemy AI for the Unity Engine. The AI will path around the terrain to reach the player character. I implemented the AI so that the enemies still retain the AI characteristics that my other group member programmed. On top of implementing enemy behaviors, I organized their behaviors into different classes and used inheritance for easy programming.