Crash Team Rumble: Whiteboxing Process

Crash Team Rumble is owned by Activision and developed by Toys For Bob.

The images shared here are not captured from Activision-owned development content or hardware. This is a level similar to what I developed and made in UE5 to demonstrate my work and thinking process.

The level shown here is similar to what I whiteboxed at Toys For Bob. I went through countless iterations to achieve my targetted features.

Features Goals:

The level was created from scratch, without art direction being decided beforehand. I took the liberty of adding water to the scene. The deepwater is deadly, but the shallow water is perfectly safe to stand in. The design is still flexible enough to remove the water if required. 

Game mechanics Key is below.

The black pad and white arrows represent an air vent that launches the player onto the top of the center tower.

1. Fast-Paced Map & Clear Routes

POV: Player Spawn

 2. Middle Route to Center Region

 3. Middle Route to Centerpiece Tower

 4. Right Route to Gems

 5. Right Water Path to Pit of Crates

2. Plaforming Loop

3. High-Value Tall Centerpiece

 2. Pillar Platforms

 3. Air Vent

Additional Screenshots

Side Path from Team 1 Spawn to Team 2 Bank

POV: Bank

Side Path to Gems